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The Skateboard Scooter are perfect toys for children consisting of a relatively long table on wheels that slip to the children after pushing with one foot on the ground. It is the best fun for them and you can do jumps with Skateboard Scooter and different types of tricks

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A skateboard is a type of sports equipment used primarily for the activity of skateboarding. It usually consists of a specially designed maplewood board combined with a polyurethane coating used for making smoother slides and stronger durability.

Skateboards have three axes. The tail axis, the central axis, and the short axis.
The two main types of skateboards are the longboard and the shortboard. The shape of the board is also important: the skateboard must be concave to perform difficult tricks.


Descriptions of the following skateboard parts are the ones most prevalent in popular, modern forms of skateboarding. Many parts exist with exotic or alternative constructions. Most decks are constructed with a six to seven-plywood, the deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, bushings and griptape. Older decks also included plastic parts such as side, tail, and nose guards.

Grip tape

Grip tape is a sheet paper or fabric with adhesive on one side and a surface similar to fine sand paper on the other. Grip tape is applied to the top surface of a board to allow the rider's feet to grip the surface and help the skater stay on the board while doing tricks. Grip tape is usually black, but is also available in many different colors such as pink, yellow, checkered, camo, and even clear. Often, they have designs die-cut to show the color of the board, or to display the board's company logo.