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Penny Boards

You like to ride a skateboard or longboard? Then you will like our Penny Board shop, too.
The Penny Board Skateboard right now is the big trend among young and old people.

Penny boards / Penny skateboards


Penny skateboards store

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Penny board Shop

Through our store in Mindelheim, we are every day with young people directly at the front in contact with the subject skateboard, longboard and Penny Board.
The situation has turned in recent months of Longbaord to completely Penny Board.


Who buys a penny board?

Most Penny Skateboards be bought by boys and girls who already have an Lonboard or skateboard.
It is impossible to set an age limit here. Both - young children, teenagers, and adults guys up to 25 years bought the Penny Board to the fun effect in addition to the skateboarding. In the current time the Penny Board is an absolute must have for every child!


What should I watch before buying penny skateboards?

There are two different sizes - Penny Boards with 22-inch, and Penny Boards with 27 inches. Of course, depending on the size and the tread is changing - the field where stand your feet. For this purpose, one should pay attention in infants it may, that is not too hard the Bushings. The boards are of course always designed for the maximum weight which has to withstand the board. The smaller the Penny skateboard is, the harder it is to control, of course. Thus, it would be 27 inch board for beginners, and the 22-inch board for the advanced.


Where can you buy penny boards?

In our Penny Skateboard Shop in Mindelheim we sell Skateboards, longboards and Penny Boards in all colors.
Here you can get in touch with the board and can prove it of course for buying it then.
We are your professional Penny Board shop for south germany.
The daily sale of longboards and Penny boards in our sotre "INSIDE" in germany is evidence of a personal, expert and professional consulting.