Atlas Snowshoes

The story of Atlas began in 1990 with the founder Perry Klebahn who wanted to recover from a motorcycle accident, with the help of snowshoeing. He soon developed his own ideas and created a revolutionary new snowshoe as the thesis. Klebahn was awarded the first patent granted for snowshoes in over 40 years. In the further development arose many technologies that are useful and practical for snowshoeing. Of course, the corresponding design has not overlooked. With this efficient, compact, lightweight snowshoes snowshoeing became more popular and all over the world. To date, the Atlas brand has 19 patents.

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Atlas Snowshoes Shop Here you will find a high-quality snowshoes by Atlas and the matching sticks. These are available both for men and for women. Atlas is the leading manufacturer of snowshoes and its accessories. These are available in various models with different technologies. The Atlas Snowshoes today are technically extremely reliable and are equipped with newer and newer technologies. For this reason, Atlas snowshoes are the first choice of professional guides, elite athletes and the U.S. military.