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Matter Wheels online Shop - Speedskating Wheels of Matter - the best roles for speed races, marathons and leisure inline skaters. The range is very wide: Defcon, Super Juice, Racing, Infinity or training. Matter wheels are made​for winners! Buy online.

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Matter Wheels The leading brand of Speedskating Wheels supports many speed skaters in the world and allows them to perform the sport professionally. The Powerslide Matter World Team cooperates with different speed teams nationally and internationally such as teams from Spain, France and Germany. Matter supports the speed skating youth work not only with Matter Wheels! Winners go Matter Wheels and dominate speedskating sport. The list of the Speed ​​World Champion and German Champion, driving the speed Matter roles is long: Yann Guyader, world champion Scott Arlidge, world champion Kalon Dobbin, world champion Baena, world champion Sabine Berg, world champion Mareike Thum, world champion Jorge Botero, world champion Tony Muse World Champion Felix Rhijnen, German Champion Jore vd Berghe, European Champion Kwinten Tas, European Champion Catherine Penan, world champion Ewen Fernandez, European Champion Matthias Schwierz, European Champion Joseba Fernandez, European Champion Nicolas Pelloquin, European Champion Matter Wheels, speed roller and inline wheels buy online in our Matter Wheels Shop.