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Backpacks for women and men - we have divided into two categories. Leisure and school backpacks, functional, stylish and practical for everyday use and for the area and Trail Mountain track. Here you will find the backpacks feature, designed for use in climbing and hiking tours.

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Backpacks for Women's and Men's | Outdoor Shop

The modern backpack of today has been optimized for different kinds of sports and uses.

When trekking and hiking backpack a position adjustment of the positioning of the backpack in height, Contoured shoulder straps and a breathable back padding is the double as ventilation duct duty. Ergonomically shaped hip fins distribute the load evenly on the hips along. An integrally molded aluminum or carbon support system derived from the load to a certain part of the hip. All this affects the mobility you need to trekking. Difficult Wegpassagen can cope with the matching backpack very pleasant and easy. An optimized distribution ensures greater safety and balance.

For mountaineering and climbing the climbing pack should additionally have a moving belt and a support system of elastic material such as spring steel. Flexible carrying system is the keyword here.

Backpacks for hiking and biking sport
In cycling, a low back support cushions with good circulation and ventilation is announced. Special shoulder straps with optimized mobility and a waist strap are also an asset. Also, the hydration pack is a good choice here. Integrated and easily cleanable with bladders tube and mouthpiece. Ideal for sports with increased Flüssigkeitsverlusst.

School backpacks hand require a bit more rectangular shape with multiple bin system for stowing of notebooks and books. Anatomical support, to meet the needs of children to such S-beam shape with wide shoulder pads that distribute the load evenly.

Travel backpacks, however, should lots of storage space with a high number of liters have. A support frame is designed for longer trips beneficial.

All backpacks have a filling system. Easy to fill from the top or practical to operate with one hand wearing a side zipper? A large storage space or divided into several? Check out our brand backpacks from the top manufacturers: Deuter, Salomon or Vaude but at once.