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Shipping & Returns for EU-Continent:

For the delivery in to the EU-countries: 16,50 Euro
For all other countries: 24,50 Euro

We are sending products to every country in this world.


Shipping costs are based on the weight

Since we have many products with different weights, we would like to give a few examples to illustrate.

The Shipping charges for freestyle skates are € 16.41 shipping for the United Kingdom. For example If you take two pairs of skates for testing the perfect size, then we have more weight and for this higher shipping costs of 18,01 €.


Shipping costs are dependent on the distance

Also this is a difference whether the purchase is to send to a country in near distance for example the United Kingdom or a country far away from us like australia.
So we have just an example for you.

Some salomon shoes have shipping costs of € 14.80 to the UK. The same product at a country far away such as Australia, there we do have shipping costs of 24 €.