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Inline skates, also commonly referred to as rollerblades, have become a popular form of recreation and sport in recent years. They are made up of a boot that is attached to a frame with wheels, which allows the wearer to glide and maneuver on smooth surfaces like pavements and skating rinks. Inline skating offers many benefits, including a low-impact workout that can improve balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health.

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned skater, there is a wide range of inline skates available to suit your needs and skill level. From entry-level skates for beginners to high-performance skates for experienced skaters, there are options for everyone.

Inline skating is a fun way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the fresh air and scenery. In addition, inline skating is a social activity that can be enjoyed with friends and family.

If you're looking to get into inline skating, there are many resources available to help you get started. From online tutorials to in-person classes, you can learn the basics and progress to more advanced techniques with time and practice. So why not pick up a pair of inline skates and hit the pavement today? Whether you're cruising down the sidewalk, racing with friends, or perfecting your moves at the rink, inline skating is a thrilling and rewarding experience.

Which inline skates? What kind of wheel size?

Get out of the gym for a workout in the fresh air, or just roll on skates through the city with friends? Inline skating makes you want to sport. Maybe you'll enjoy one of our inline sports. With the optimal inliners the entry into the role sports succeed very fast. We support you in the selection of the right inliner and assist you with the spare parts supply.

Inline Skates
Inline Skates

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The new K2 inline skates 2022 in the product launch of
Inline skating - rollerblading - almost a year-round sport: Many years already this fashionable sport in the crowd is very popular. Our online mail order is specifically optimized for inline skates. In leisure and fitness area are K2 inline skates or roller blade for beginners and advanced skaters the first choice. The inline skates , there are anatomically suitable for men, women and size adjustable for children ...

With us you will find the right brand inline skate that really suits you. How about inline skates from the leader K2?

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Winter shoes
Winter shoes

Winter shoes & winter boots

When it gets cold and uncomfortable outside, when snow falls and temperatures drop below freezing, it's time for winter boots and winter boots. But not every boot is suitable for walks and also not every winter shoe is suitable for cold fan matters such as ice hockey games or other winter sports.

There are winter boots with hard and thick soles, and winter shoes with thin soles but good profile for walks, work or the like. There are also winter shoes and winter boots with food and without food. Find your perfect winter shoe and winter boots in our range.

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Inline Speed Wheels Shop

Inline wheels store

At our skate store, skaters of all levels can find replacement wheels for their inline skates, skateboards, scooters, and speed rollers for speed skates. Choose from pre-assembled wheel sets or create your own custom setup. Our selection includes top brands like K2, Rollerblade, Hyper, Matter Wheels and more.

Ordering replacement wheels for inline skates doesn't have to be a hassle, even for beginners. That's why we've added convenient filters on the left side of our website to make your wheel purchase as easy as possible. If you need any assistance, our team is available to help at all times. Get your inline skates rolling smoothly again with replacement wheels from our store.

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K2 MOD axes for inline skates
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Inline Skates Repair Service

Inline Skate Repair Services at Has a broken buckle or damaged cuff rivets left your inline skates out of commission? Look no further! offers a reliable and efficient repair service to get your skates back in action.

We have extensive experience in repairing K2 skates dating back to 1998. With our expertise, we can have your skates fixed in no time. For Rollerblade, Fila, and Salomon skates, we ask for a photo in advance to make sure we have the required replacement parts in stock.

At, we understand the importance of having functional skates. That's why we strive to complete repairs the same day we receive your skates. We understand how frustrating it can be to be without your skates for an extended period, which is why we work quickly to get you back to skating as soon as possible.

In addition to our quick turnaround time, we also provide a secure and convenient shipping option, so you can send us your skates from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions or need assistance, our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team is available to help.

Don't let a broken buckle or damaged cuff rivets stop you from enjoying the thrill of inline skating. Contact today to get your skates repaired and back on the road in no time!


Order spare parts for my inline skates: Of course, there are also spare parts and repairs that you can easily carry out yourself and only need to order the necessary spare parts. We mainly stock in our shop, spare parts for K2 skates, as well as spare parts and accessories for Powerslide skates. Since the company Rollerblade hardly offers any support in this area, we can offer only a few Rollerblade spare parts. If you need help or advice on your purchase at, we are of course happy to help.


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Inline skates pro shop

Expertise in Inline Skates at At, we specialize in top brands of inline skates, including K2, Rollerblade, Powerslide, Roces, and Fila. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and products to our customers. Our "INSIDE" skate shop is located in Mindelheim, Unterallgäu and offers 200 sq. meters of retail space. With over 20 years of experience as a Rollsport retailer, we are the go-to source for all things inline skating and rollerskates.

We offer expert advice, sales, and repairs for inline skates, speed skates, and stunt skates. Our technicians are skilled in thermal skate adjustments and frame adjustments, ensuring that your skates fit you perfectly. We also maintain an extensive stock of spare parts, including ratchet straps, buckles, cuff nuts, eyelets, laces, and brake pads, so we can provide quick and efficient service.

Inline skating is a popular sport, especially among high-performance athletes and speed skaters who switch from ice skates to inline skates during the summer months. Whether you're just starting out with inline skating or are a seasoned pro, we have the right skate model and equipment to meet your needs.

Our soft boot inline skates are made of soft, breathable materials with a rotatable collar that's adapted to the anatomy of the foot, providing stability, freedom of movement, and comfort. Our women's inline skates are designed with a softer, more supple inner material and a custom fit to keep you comfortable and looking great on the road.