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Urban Skating

For over 10 years, the number of skaters in the urban skating scene has increased - and no end in sight. The urban skating for which it stands, comes from the aggressive style area, where the urban skaters jump over and overcome everything that stands in the way. Parks, pipes, benches, stairs, railings.
Not infrequently, long distances of more than 10 km are traveled across the cities, on which obstacles are to be accomplished.

Urban Skating - Many jumps over stairs, poles and similar obstacles are used.


Urban inline skating

While the freestyle slalom is about passing through the established pilons with elaborate and complicated tricks, urban inline skaters are on tour for fun. Drive casually through the park, or just jump over a bench or subway railing. The freestyle and urban skaters are known for tricks and jumps.


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Urban Inline Skates

The Urban Inline Skate usually consists of a hard shell cuff, as well as aluminum rail, hard wheels and belongs to the brands Rollerblade or Powerslide.
The guys who practice urban skate sports usually move in halfpipe, parks, metro stations or industrial areas with high jump and jumping opportunities. Loading ramps, stairs and gaiters are skipped. Join the Urban Skating now.


Urban Inline Skating

The urban skates have become indispensable in the world of big cities like Barcelona, Paris, London, Moscow, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, etc. Internationally, there is no inline skate style that is more common than the urban inline skate. Thanks to the skating lights in the major cities mentioned, interest in joint inline skating has risen sharply. Especially freeskates and urban skates are great fun with the lightbulbs in these skating tights.