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Stunt Skating & Aggressive Inline Skating

What is aggressive inline skating?

This sport on inline skates is stunt skating and aggressive inline skating, also called rollerblading. In the foreground stands Grinden and jumping. Stunt skating and aggressive skating takes place mostly in skate parks, metro and subway stations, as well as half-pipe etc. Likewise, loading ramps of factory buildings, stair railings and staircases from all imaginable large buildings are used for skating. Of course, skating in the park works better or worse depending on the structure of the park. Optimal are skate parks with halfpipes or skateboard parks.

What do I have to consider as a beginner when stunt skating?

If you're skating with a beginner on a stunt, you should wear plenty of protective gear and a helmet. Furthermore, an advanced to perfect inline skate technique is essential for this sport. You have to be safe in the balance on the skates, as well as mastering rotations and reverse driving without problems. Before you move into a half pipe or similar, you should try with light jumps over curbs and small steps. If you manage this without any problems you can try to skip the height of the stairs and other objects. It is very important to get a feel for the skates. Get to know the weight and handling characteristics of your skates. How does the skate behave when landing after a jump? Practice the correct assessment for success and failure in jumps. Do not start with the biggest stunts right away. Even the professional stunt and aggressive skaters started small and trained their technique and skills over the years.

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