Street Stunt Skates

Aggressive Stunt Skates! The stunt skates area has developed in recent years due to the increasing demand in the market segment to the top. K2 and Rollerblade built specifically for this newly-developed stunt skates

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Agressive Inline Skating

Another well-World famous sport is probably the "Agressive Inline Skating".
In the foreground of this discipline are jumps, slides and tricks. The remote from the normal Rollerblading and inline skating of skates was especially strongly influenced by Arlo Eisenberg, a pioneer of Agressive skatings and freestyle skatings in the 90s.

With us you will find the skates, with which you can you let off steam on walls, stairs, rails, half pipes, ramps and other obstacles. Let your creativity run wild and invent new stunts and practicing tricks Stunt Skates hold out a lot.
This aggressive / hard style of skating is called freestyle skating or aggressive skating. The so-called Soul area, thus the contact surface between the shoe and the track allows you the "Grind" (the slide on obstacles). It small wheel sizes are used, approximately 54 - 60 mm, however, the wheels should be hard.
The stunt skate sector has developed in recent years by the growing demand in the market segment up.

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