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Sportswear Pant, Jacket and Shirt

Not just while hiking, but in all sports, clothing is the most important. Depending on the sport, there are specially tailored clothes with technologically useful properties. When it is running, for example, it´s very important to wear muscle supportive pants and shirts. This improves performance and simplifies running.
What is the same in all of sports? This is probably the lightness of the clothes. This should not at all affect performance and therefore be as light as possible. By special materials a lot of weight is reduced and at the same time introduced important properties. Almost all the brands that produce sportswear that use seamless technology. In this, the seams are minimized, that they are hardly noticeable yet. As a result, among other things, prevents chafing and increase comfort.
Technologies such as these are no longer isolated cases. Nowadays, manufacturers excel again. And that's what is best for the consumer. Even more comfort and fewer disadvantages. This is the goal of many brands!