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Sports on inline skates

Sports on inline skates

Sports on inline skates - we explain everything that has to do with roles. Freeskating, scooter derby, inline hockey, stunt skating, freestyle slalom etc. Sports with roles.

Sports on inline skates

Based on many years of experience, both in business and in the private sector, we can explain the following sports to you in detail and possibly bring you to the taste.


Free Skating

Long distances with high speed and many obstacles. That's the motto for free skating. If you are from this scene or would like to drive through a park and jump over stairs or railings, then you should stop by here and find some details.


Stunt Skating & aggressive skating

Do you love competing against others and proving it to everyone? Or are you new here and the jumps, tricks and show-ins impress you so much that you want to start with them? With both variants you are exactly right here.


Urban Skating

As an urban skater you are a crazy guy who wheels through the big city life. There is no obstacle for you. Every bank, wall and step is skipped or jumped up. Here is only the fun of inline skating in the foreground. Due to the robustness of the hardshell skates, the urban skater does not have to worry too much about damage of skates.


Roller Derby

You are always full throttle and looking for a suitable hobby to their lifestyle? Then the Roller Derby Sport would be the right sport for you. The full contact sport requires a lot of energy and the will to win. The fun does not go by the wayside.


Inlinehockey - Skaterhockey

Also full contact sports are the two team sports inline hockey and skate hockey which are played mostly by men. Hard checks and hits are the order of the day.


Inline Alpin

In this sport, which is very similar to the winter sports alpine skiing, downhill is driven at up to 15% gradient. The goal is to pass a slalom or giant slalom. The fastest inline alpine skater wins.


Inline Downhill

The inline downhill discipline is synonymous with a test of courage, because a lot of courage and energy you need to. It is driven with an average speed of 60 km / h and a maximum speed of up to 110 km / h a downhill road in the mountains. The fastest skater wins.

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