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Roller Derby

The sport existing since 1935 is today operated almost exclusively by women. Originally, the Roller derby came as a full contact sport from America.

  • How does Roller Derby work?
  • What rules at Roller Derby?
  • Which varieties are there?
  • What is not allowed at Roller Derby?


Not only as a sport in itself Roller Derby is a real eye-catcher. Due to the bone-hard full-contact sport, almost all muscles in the body can be trained. As an example, here are 3 young ladies from the Roller Derby Flat Track scene.

Roller Derby Sport


Roller Derby varieties

The Roller Derby is nowadays mainly played with "Banked Track Roller Derby", which is played on a steep track. However, this type of game is usually played only by professional teams. Significantly more widespread is now the variant "Flat Track". This method is played on a flat, about 30 × 18 m track.


Roller Derby Flat Track

The typical Roller Derby team at Flat Track consists of up to 14 players, of which five can participate in the game at the same time. Running on an oval path counterclockwise, the so-called track.


Flat Track Game Anleitung

It is played 2x 30 min. During this time, so many 2 min. Jams are run as much as possible. Each team consists of 5 people who are simultaneously on the court / track. One person each is the so-called "jammer" (jam = "disturb"), whose task is to score points by rounding opponent players. The remaining four players of the team have as a blocker the task, both to support their own misery in his task as well as to prevent the enemy's misery from progressing. Together they form the so-called pack.


The beginning of a jam is announced by a whistle in which all players start at the same time. The jammers start behind the blockers. Their job is to fight through the pack. The jammer who first overtakes all opponent blockers without any illicit actions is "lead jammer" to the rest of the jam. The lead jammer can also cancel the current jam before the two minutes have elapsed to give his team such an advantage. From the second round, the Jammer can score points. There is one point for each legally out-of-round player of the opposing team. This also applies to players who are sitting in the penalty box. The jam goes on until the lead jammer breaks or the deadline expires. After each jam, players can be exchanged in a 30-second break. The next jam will be restarted regardless of the completion of this process. If there are not enough players on the track at the kick-off for a team, this team starts to be understaffed. If no one on the field is a team member at the start whistle, a time delay penalty is awarded to the team captain.


Roller Derby Regeln

Most leagues play mostly according to the Women's Flat Track Derby Association. In America, there are also leagues and tournaments in which there are almost no rules and thus almost everything is allowed. Naturally, this full contact sport is also checked and blocked. In the classification of allowed and unauthorized checks, a distinction is made here between blocking and hit zones, in which the former designate the body parts that may be actively used for blocking. The latter are the places where opposing players may be blocked.


Allowed hit zones:

  • Shoulder
  • Arms and hands
  • pages
  • upper body
  • hip
  • thigh


Illegal hit zones:

  • Kopf und Hals
  • Rücken
  • Hintern
  • Unterschenkel und Knie
  • Füße


Allowed blocking zones

  • Schultern
  • Hüften
  • Oberarme
  • Oberschenkel
  • Hintern
  • Oberkörper


Illegale Blocking-Zonen:

  • Elbows, forearms and hands
  • head
  • Knees, lower legs and feet


Setzt ein Spieler dennoch unerlaubte Körperteile ein oder trifft einen Gegenspieler an anderen als den erlaubten Trefferzonen, zählt dies als Foul. Gleiches gilt, wenn ein Blocker außerhalb der sog. Engagement Zone blockt. Die Engagement Zone befindet sich je sechs Meter vor dem ersten bzw. nach letzten Spieler des Packs.

Roller derby penalties

In the event of a rule break or a penalty, the following offense is committed:

  • Block away from the allowed body parts
  • Overtaking other players outside the track boundaries
  • Blocking without being in the game and within the allowed areas
  • deliberately destroying the pack
  • Endangering other players

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Roller Derby - The sport existing since 1935 is today operated almost exclusively by women. Originally, the Roller derby came as a full contact sport from America.